Reading english book (an english post written by an Italian…)

Englishbook The Tiger's wife

Please consider this post as a “test-post”.
In fact this is my first english post (I don’t know if it will be the last one, it depends…).

And maybe you’ll find some errors and an elementary english…
I know I’m taking a big risk about my online and professional reputation (and maybe personal, too).

So, why I do this?
Because I think it’s time to remove “dust” and to learn something new.

I decide to participate to an English Bookclub (Amy’s English Bookclub) at the bookstore Open Milano (next 18th november).

The book chosen is “The Tiger’s wife” written by Téa Obreht (here a short description on Wikipedia).

I started reading the book last week (together with “L’inconfondibile tristezza della torta al limone”, for the BeBookers Bookclub – another bookclub I follow).
And it’s complicated… Very complicated…

It’s not the first english book I read.

But this is a different type: this is a story.
That uses a different language than the “technical language”: more evocative, more emotional, more descriptive.

At this moment I’m at the 10% of the book (Kindle report) and I’m understanding just about 40-45% of what I read.
I’m losing entire parts of the novel where Téa Obreht describes situations using more details and specific words…
(Thanks to Kindle’s “word wide” app, that helps me a lot.)

So – for now – I decide I can’t “lose time” searching for the meaning of every single word I don’t know.
For now I think it’s better to understand the significance of the story.

For now, I’m not studying english.
I’m reading an english book.
There is a little difference between the two.

So, go ahead.
It’s an experiment.
It’s a (big) risk.
But it’s an opportunity, too…

[And – above all – sorry for my English]

Thank you for your patience,



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